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Le Groupe Maurice’s Employer Brand: “Here, your work finds its true meaning!”

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Due to the labour shortage, employers are struggling to find ways to attract suitable job candidates. To support the company’s efforts at attracting talent and retaining as many staff members as possible, the Human Resources team at Le Groupe Maurice has developed a new employer brand. We spoke to Anne Grenier, Vice President Human Resources at Le Groupe Maurice, to learn more about what the new brand means for current and future employees.


A unique employer identity

La Marque Employeur du Groupe Maurice : là où « Votre métier prend tout son sens » ! - Le Groupe Maurice - Résidences pour personnes âgées - Le Groupe Maurice's Employer Brand : “Here, your work finds its true meaning!”A year and a half ago, the Human Resources team at Le Groupe Maurice began thinking about developing an employer brand that would portray the company in the eyes of current and prospective employees. To guide them along, Anne Grenier and her team conducted a survey among employees to find out why they chose to work at Le Groupe Maurice and what motivates them to stay on board. The results of their survey helped the team identify key aspects to focus on in their recruitment and retention efforts. A new Careers page will be launched on the company website soon. It will communicate Le Groupe Maurice’s identity to prospective employees and inform them about the career opportunities available at its residences. It communicates Le Groupe Maurice’s identity to prospective employees and informs them about the career opportunities available at its residences.

“We believe that this new employer brand plays a very important role. It represents not only our guiding philosophy as an employer, but also our commitment to our employees,” Anne Grenier explains. “While employer branding uses similar marketing techniques to corporate branding, they have very different objectives: the first seeks to attract job seekers, while the second seeks to sell products or services. The visual elements and slogans are designed for the specific purpose of attracting new talent.”


Keeping our promises

“We believe that job seekers choose us over other employers because they know that we’re a company that cares about people,” says Anne Grenier. “We have always offered our staff a friendly and motivating work environment, as well as the opportunity to be part of a technologically savvy organization where the needs of our seniors are the top priority and where employees can grow personally and professionally. The employer brand will help us ‘spread the good news’ even more effectively!”

The new image comes with new responsibilities. It must accurately reflect our commitments and
stay relevant over time. “We must continue offering employees excellent work conditions and an environment that lets them thrive,” Anne Grenier explains.

“Given the shortage in the workforce, we must focus our efforts on building employee loyalty. Therefore, we have to establish winning conditions that will play a decisive role in retaining staff.”


The importance of employees

Employee turnover isn’t just an issue for heads of departments at the residences. The residents are also affected, and they understand the important ways in which the members of staff contribute to their everyday well-being. Our residents often get very attached to staff, like they’re a second family.

“Because of the labour shortage, employees are highly sought after and companies have to make a stronger effort to retain their personnel,” says Anne Grenier. “In other words, demand is much higher than supply.” The new employer brand is good news for Le Groupe Maurice residents because it conveys a strong message to employees and it will help the company retain staff and reduce turnover.


“Four factors will help us retain more employees: motivational management, effective employee onboarding, the potential for advancement within the organization and competitive salaries,” - Anne Grenier, vice-president Human Resources 


To achieve these aims, new training programs will be offered to managers at the residences. Mobilization, communication and recognition have become key to building and maintaining loyalty to the employer brand. Therefore, managers will now have to play a wider set of roles.

Meanwhile, the process for onboarding and integrating new hires will be improved and harmonized thanks to online training, among other initiatives. This training will enable new employees to gain a deeper understanding of their role and of the realities of seniors while fostering a greater sense of belonging to Le Groupe Maurice’s big family.

La Marque Employeur du Groupe Maurice : là où « Votre métier prend tout son sens » ! - Le Groupe Maurice - Résidences pour personnes âgées - Le Groupe Maurice's Employer Brand : “Here, your work finds its true meaning!”Le Groupe Maurice is also proud to support employees’ career growth within the organization. To this end, we are currently developing training programs focused on ensuring smooth career transitions. And since the company operates numerous residences across the province, we’d rather try to relocate an employee to another residence close to where they live than see them leave the organization.

Finally, in order to offer employees competitive pay, Human Resources consults salary surveys every year to ensure that Le Groupe Maurice remains an industry leader.

“To deliver on our promises as communicated in our employer brand, we must be creative and constantly review our ways of doing things. In particular, we are focusing on our managers’ ability to motivate and support employees and recognize their contributions, since these are the key factors in employee retention.”


A place to build a rewarding career

By promoting our new employer brand and delivering on our commitments on a daily basis, we are communicating to job seekers that a rewarding career awaits them at Le Groupe Maurice. Job applicants will also discover that Le Groupe Maurice is a big family where we share common values and a passion for making people happy. Finally, they’ll find out that the company offers them the conditions and resources they need to advance in their careers. Because if they’re happy, our residents will be happy too!

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Very motivational, sounds like a nice company to work for bravo