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That’s what living in a Groupe Maurice residence is all about!

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It’s been common knowledge for years, and it’s backed by scientific literature and research: socialization is essential to individuals’ physical and mental health. This concept is all the more important among seniors since they suffer the ill effects of loneliness all too often. A study conducted by market researcher Léger on happiness among the elderly also confirmed this reality, concluding that health, self-esteem and socialization represent the three most influential factors in the improvement of retirees’ living standards.

And then came the pandemic…


Lots of company

It’s only when we suddenly have to do without something that we realize how important it is to us. In the same vein, the recent public health restrictions forced us to reassess how we live our lives, how we relate to others and what values we cherish. These same impacts were also seen in seniors residences, particularly when people could no longer benefit freely and fully from the entire range of well-being and social activities on offer.

Today, we can all agree that it would be unthinkable for the government to impose a second lockdown in the event of a second wave. Imposing a ban on socializing with friends, neighbours and loved ones, in addition to eliminating the benefits of physical proximity, ends up undermining the quality of life of all people, whether or not they live in retirement homes.

Two conclusions may be drawn from the recent lockdown: 1) human contact among the elderly is important; and 2) retirement communities must offer a variety of opportunities to socialize. Given that seniors residences function like small villages, they offer an ideal solution to the problem of individual isolation. Currently, we all going through a period of crisis. But for people who live in seniors residences, they are never completely isolated, not even during a pandemic.


Despite the pandemic

Why is that, you might be asking? Because despite the hostile climate created by COVID-19, the employees of seniors residences continue to show a combination of resilience, perseverance and determination when it comes to maintaining residents’ socialization opportunities; for them, this will always be a top priority. In keeping with their fierce determination to ensure residents’ happiness, the Groupe Maurice teams joined forces to create FESTIVIA, an outdoor entertainment program designed to bring pleasure and spark amazement while offsetting the adverse effects of isolation. No efforts were spared to reduce the gap between our normal way of life and the “new reality” we are all grappling with. Residents and their families continue to tell us how wonderful this initiative is. In the end, it was made possible through the cooperation and selflessness of all concerned.


“The show this morning in the Jardins du Campanile brought tears to my father’s eyes. It was extraordinary. Thank you for organizing these wonderful activities!” - Danielle Héroux, family member of a resident.


That’s what living in a Groupe Maurice residence is all about. Whether we’re dealing with a crisis or not, these living environments provide an opportunity to socialize, to learn, to participate, to get involved, to create, to flourish and to dream. Now more than ever, Groupe Maurice residences meet Quebec seniors’ most stringent requirements because we always seek to ensure that their lives are filled with unforgettable moments, warm social contacts and personal self-discovery.




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