Well-earned rewards for employees working at our residences

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As the fight against the pandemic carries on, messages of gratitude have been pouring in for the workers on the front lines. Le Groupe Maurice decided to recognize its own guardian angels, who strive every day to make life better for our residents.


“The importance of what you do cannot be measured in words of gratitude. Each of the actions you take on a daily basis, your presence on the ground, your smile and your words of kindness for our residents are the very definition of compassion in our eyes. It’s the greatest form of generosity that you can offer and I will always be grateful to you for it.” — Luc Maurice


To demonstrate its gratitude, starting today Le Groupe Maurice will be offering well-earned rewards to all employees at the residences, including:

  • Monetary rewards
  • Free meals on work days
  • If needed, access to medical or psychological assistance


We wish to recognize our employees for the exceptional dedication they have shown during the current crisis. Day after day, they work on the front lines to take care of our residents. They find creative ways to entertain them, they listen to them, and they offer them reassurance. They deliver residents’ meals door to door, and they are extra careful to ensure that all health and hygiene measures are followed. Thank you to all Le Groupe Maurice employees for working so hard to ensure that our residents, who are a vulnerable population during the COVID-19 pandemic, remain as safe as possible at our residences.


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